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If you’re paying empty rates on a commercial property, you’re paying too much.

With Verity, you’ll stop receiving rates bills completely.

We’ll assess your property and, if compatible with our scheme, you will benefit from 100% savings on your empty rates bill.

All without you lifting a finger.

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Save 100% on
your empty
property rates

Stop receiving rates bills on your empty properties. We’ll assess the size, property type, and location to help you qualify for empty building business rates, hassle-free.

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What we offer

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    Empty rates mitigation

    • Save 100% on
      your Empty Rates
    • Stop receiving Rates
      Bills immediately
    • Any property, any size, anywhere in the UK
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    Free, expert advice

    • We will never charge you for advice
    • Our experts are happy to talk
      to you about any bill, any time

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One quick call with us puts you on the path to a 100% reduction of your empty rates bill.

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